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In the modern world, it is impossible to build a stable business without a proper consideration of intellectual property (IP) issues, which can be a challenge given the general globalisation of business processes and the rapidly evolving TMT area.  PHENOMENA recognises the issues businesses face in meeting this challenge and strives to give its clients top-notch legal counsel on all IP facets of their operations.  The legal experts of our Intellectual Property practice combine strong technical knowledge and in-depth legal expertise.  We pride ourselves for being able to handle IP matters in any industry and of any complexity.  PHENOMENA’s services in IP area include:

  • registration, use and transfer of IP rights (e.g., copyright, domain names, industrial designs, inventions, trademarks and utility models);
  • drafting and negotiating all sorts of documentation relating to protection and transfer of IP rights, including agency, franchising, research & development, and other licensing agreements; and
  • providing legal advice on all aspects of intellectual property.